Knuckles dreams meaning

By | April 8, 2019

Knuckles dreams meaning


To dream of knuckles represents feelings about proving you are not weak. Feeling good showing others that you are strong all the time. A willingness to put up a fight with your goals or problems. Showing yourself or others that you don’t back down from a challenge or when times get tough. Not giving in to pressure. An attitude that is serious or not joking around.

Negatively, knuckles in a dream may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else acting like a jerk. Showing others you don’t care. Pressuring others. Feeling tension.

To dream of hairy knuckles feelings about yourself or someone else behaving like a jerk that got out of hand. A ridiculous or excessive amount of “big jerk” behavior. Too much talking tough. A display of toughness or seriousness that is “ugly” or unpleasant. Alternatively, it may reflect heightened sensitivity about your actions being too insensitive or mean to others.

Religious people may dream of knuckles to reflect their wish to be tough for God or show their willingness to put up a spiritual fight. Negatively, this may be a sign that you are too sensitive about impressing God or too focused on being a perfectly good person for the sake of pleasing God.

Example: A woman dreamed of hairy knuckles. In waking life she was very sensitive about herself being selfish a jerk to someone when it reality her views of her actions were overblown.



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