Knots dreams meaning

By | April 8, 2019

Knots dreams meaning


To dream of a tied knot represents feelings about intentionally “holding down” something, or keeping something under control. You or someone else that prefers to control or maintain something in a specific way. Keeping something exactly the way you want it. Intentionally trying to not lose something.

Positively, knot may reflect commitments in relationships being made. Consider the saying “tying the knot.” Intentionally controlling or maintaining something in a responsible manner. Controlling something in a manner that feels good to your tastes. Professional or relationship entanglements. Intentionally making a situation difficult for a dangerous person.

Negatively, knots may reflect feelings about your life being intentionally made more difficult than it needs to be. Feeling that something is intentionally controlling you. Jealousy of losing something. Frustrations with professional or personal entanglements. Difficulty releasing yourself from an unpleasant relationship. Intentionally making a relationship difficult to end

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband with knots tied on his belt. In waking life she was considering leaving him due to his adultery, but felt that he was so controlling that he may not let go of his control over some aspects of her life. She felt he may intentionally try to control her or stop her from leaving him by controlling her with already made family related legal obligations. The knots in the belt may have reflected her feeling about the husband’s behavior being intentionally difficult.



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