Kicking dreams meaning

By | April 9, 2019

Kicking dreams meaning


To dream of yourself kicking someone represents feelings about disliking someone else or disliking their methods. Disliking inaction or passivity. Disliking a lack of progress. Frustration with problems that are interfering with your goals. Pressuring other people. Making others feel stupid for their passivity. Wanting to get something making progress. Making other people feel that you don’t care about them or what they are doing. Showing a complete lack of respect in some manner.

To dream of being kicked by someone represents feelings about people not liking you or being against you. Feeling hurt that people don’t think you matter. Feeling pressured by someone who is very unhappy with you. Pressuring yourself. Feeling like a jerk for not doing something enough. Feeling that you are being unfairly treated. Feelings about someone who has lashed out at you. Feeling that you don’t count. Feeling embarrassed by someone who more assertive than you or feeling that you are too passive in some manner. Feeling stupid for your passivity. Anger at yourself.

Light kicking in a dream may reflect an attempt to test a person or situation by not caring about them.



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