Ketchup dreams meaning

By | April 9, 2019

Ketchup dreams meaning


To dream of ketchup represents feeling good behaving dangerous or dishonestly to make a situation altered to your pleasing. A white lie you can tell to keep a situation as you please knowing it won’t hurt anyone. Helping yourself with dishonest behaviour knowing it doesn’t hurt anyone. Enjoying not having to confront something bad because you can do something dangerous that you perceive to be harmless to avoid it. Feeling that you can act like a “total asshole” because it won’t hurt anybody else. Lying or stealing in harmless ways to maintain happiness.

Positively, ketchup may reflect feelings about maintaining happiness by easily applying dishonest or dangerous actions when needed because they are ultimately harmless to others. Additional dangerous actions or choices you’ve made to secure a situation for family.

Negatively, ketchup may reflect a laid back or playful attitude about dangerous actions or habits. A laid back attitude about “playing with fire.” Enjoying being a dishonest or dangerous person because it never hurts anyone else. Feeling good noticing that something dangerous doesn’t matter. A dangerous or dishonest attitude about fixing something later because it feels better in the current moment.

To dream of not liking ketchup may reflect a dislike or regret with dangerous behaviour even if it doesn’t hurt others. Not liking being dangerous or dishonest in ways you perceive to be too easy to get away with.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing ketchup on food. In waking life he was in the middle of spiritual testing which required an eventual abstinence test. He keep putting off the abstinence testing believing it wasn’t a serious problem. Eventually, the need for the testing was serious and he had great difficulty passing it. The ketchup in this case may have reflected his dangerous attitude about overlooking failing his spiritual test with a casual attitude since it wasn’t hurting anyone else.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing ketchup packets. In waking life he had moved homes, changed jobs, and was having a lot of problems paying her bills during this very big transition. She had to steal and lie in harmless ways to help pay the bills. The ketchup packets in this case may have reflected her feelings of convenience of dishonest or risky behaviour in order help pay her bills since the behaviour was seen as harmless to other people.



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