Kayaks dreams meaning

By | April 9, 2019

Kayaks dreams meaning


To dream of a kayak represents your ability to confidently navigate and easily “bounce back” under uncertain or negative situations that get too rough. The ability to “rollover” trouble or other people’s emotional flareups. Confidently getting through difficult situations where you need to “take a punch” and keep going. Confidently brushing off embarrassments as you progress to a important goal or status. Feeling that you “have to get through this problem so small embarrassments or insults aren’t that important” because keeping your calm and composure is more important.

Example: A young man dreamed of being in a kayak in the rough river. In waking life he was experiencing constant arguments with his father who had a tendency to say very dangerous things he didn’t really mean. The kayak may have reflected his ability to navigate the emotional uncertainty of the fights with his father and confidently “take a hit” and “bounce back” after each fight knowing that in the end everything would be OK.



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