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The letter K in a dream represents intuitive awareness. You are aware of choices, desires, or problems being realized. Co-creation of your thoughts into real life. What you are thinking is actually happening.

Positively, K reflects positive experiences that realize your goals or wishes. Negatively, K reflects negative experiences being realized through fear or karma.

The symbolism is based on the design of the letter. The straight line represents confrontation, the line up represents all that is positive and the line down represents all that is negative.

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar dreams meaning

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar To dream of a kit kat chocolate bar represents feelings about having a wonderful time “breaking” something. Enjoying ruining something. Enjoying ruining something that someone you don’t like likes. Treating yourself to an experience when you get to ruin something or neglect others feelings. Enjoying hurting or embarrassing people you don’t… Read More »

Kitchen dreams meaning

Kitchen To dream of a kitchen represents a preparation to notice yourself experiencing something. It may also reflect plans you are making for later. A kitchen may represent a change or life experience that is about to occur. Kitchens in dreams are often intuitive or prophetic in nature where anyone or anything you see in… Read More »

Kites dreams meaning

Kites To dream of a kite represents an area of your life where you are taking charge of circumstances or persistently trying to stay on top of something. Doing everything you can to stay positive, successful, or in control. You may be experiencing a surge of success, luck, or power and don’t want to lose… Read More »

Kneeing dreams meaning

Kneeing To dream of attacking someone by kneeing them represents awareness of yourself enjoying being reckless with someone else’s feelings. Having no remorse for your actions that hurt or embarrass someone else. Honest feeling about others being simple, stupid, or weak which you believe gives you the right to be reckless with their feelings if… Read More »

Kneeling dreams meaning

Kneeling To dream that you are kneeling represents surrendering, giving up power or control. You may be mentally or emotionally surrendering to some aspect of your personality, or to a situation in your life. Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone kneeling on the ground. In waking life they have decided to give up… Read More »

Knees dreams meaning

Knees To dream of knees represents conviction, moral strength, and perseverance. Negatively, knees represent inadequacy, vulnerability, weakness, or surrendering. To be on your knees or see someone on their knees represents surrender. You or someone else that is giving up, accepting defeat, or becoming subordinate. You may be mentally or emotionally surrendering to some aspect… Read More »

Knife dreams meaning

Knife To dream of knives symbolizes emotional conflict, division, and separation. There are issues with loss or change that you are struggling with in your waking life. An emotional hurt or threat. Alternatively, you may feel threatened by a possible loss or change. To dream of being in a knife fight represents a struggle or… Read More »

Knitting dreams meaning

Knitting To dream of knitting with yarn represents a meticulous effort to ensure quality or safety. Meticulously covering every detail to insure that something is never going to be dangerous ever again. Cultivating safety, warmth, or quality. Taking the time to care about an accomplishment being special. To dream of having difficulty may represent a… Read More »

Knight dreams meaning

Knight To dream of a knight represents an aspect of your personality that is loyal or defends good virtues. It symbolizes honor and protection from darker aspects of your life. Something that keeps you on the straight and narrow. A black represents an aspect of personality that is loyal to bad intentions or negative habits.… Read More »

Knife Sharpener dreams meaning

Knife Sharpener To dream of a knife sharpener represents a heightened sense of desire for conflict or separation. Preparing or improving your ability to face conflict. Improving your ability “cut something out” of your life. A knife sharpener may also reflect your readiness to be meaner or more formidable with an opponent.