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The letter K in a dream represents intuitive awareness. You are aware of choices, desires, or problems being realized. Co-creation of your thoughts into real life. What you are thinking is actually happening.

Positively, K reflects positive experiences that realize your goals or wishes. Negatively, K reflects negative experiences being realized through fear or karma.

The symbolism is based on the design of the letter. The straight line represents confrontation, the line up represents all that is positive and the line down represents all that is negative.

Karaoke dreams meaning

Karaoke To dream of Karaoke represents a situation where you are noticing everything it takes to be successful or special. You may be paying a lot of attention to what other people are doing that you want to do yourself. Paying close attention to details that you’re copying for yourself. Mimicking someone else’s behavior or… Read More »

Karate dreams meaning

Karate To dream of karate represents feelings about professional skills in conflict to defensively force a problem to be perfectly passive. A wish to be defensively protect yourself from obstacles or challenges. A need for quick thinking self-defense. Dreams of karate may be common to people who feel or expect a challenge that wish to… Read More »

Kayaks dreams meaning

Kayaks To dream of a kayak represents your ability to confidently navigate and easily “bounce back” under uncertain or negative situations that get too rough. The ability to “rollover” trouble or other people’s emotional flareups. Confidently getting through difficult situations where you need to “take a punch” and keep going. Confidently brushing off embarrassments as… Read More »

Kazakhstan dreams meaning

Kazakhstan To dream of a Kazakhstan represents a mindset that is sensitive about deserving what it has. Feeling it’s important to be noticed having earned what you have. Negatively, Kazakhstan may reflect an unbearable or never-ending need to prove yourself. Feeling that everyone around you demands total perfection before ever accepting you or doing you… Read More »

Kennel dreams meaning

Kennel To dream of a dog kennel represents protective behavior that is being kept under control or forced to wait. A kennel may also represent controlling other people because there are concerns that people will go overboard if left to their own devices. Using someone or something protective only when it suits your purposes. Positively,… Read More »

Kermit The Frog dreams meaning

Kermit The Frog To dream of Kermit The Frog may represents behavior that embarrasses itself caring about other people’s feelings all the time. Never getting angry or serious at all. Being calm, but worried. Never speaking up if it means angering someone because it feels better. Preferring to never talk like an expert. Lying to… Read More »

Kerning dreams meaning

Kerning To dream of kerning represents positive improvements to a situation that occurs automatically or without effort on your part. You may be noticing some area of your life intuitively fixing itself. Negatively, kerning may reflect a problem or annoyance with a situation that is not as perfect as you’d like it to be.  

Ketchup dreams meaning

Ketchup To dream of ketchup represents feeling good behaving dangerous or dishonestly to make a situation altered to your pleasing. A white lie you can tell to keep a situation as you please knowing it won’t hurt anyone. Helping yourself with dishonest behaviour knowing it doesn’t hurt anyone. Enjoying not having to confront something bad… Read More »

Keyboard dreams meaning

Keyboard To dream of a keyboard represents articulation of views or expression of ideas. To dream of using a keyboard to communicate over the Internet may represent your attempt to express ideas or concerns to other people. To dream of using as keyboard off-line to write a story, report, or other document may represent working… Read More »

Keychains dreams meaning

Keychains To dream of a keychain represents everything you know you can do at the current moment. A situation that influences all you can do right now. Consider what the color and design of the keychain for additional symbolism. Example: A man dreamed of seeing a keychain with Africa on it. In waking life he… Read More »