Jerky dreams meaning

By | April 10, 2019

Jerky dreams meaning


To dream of jerky meat represents confident choices or options that can be utilized at anytime because there is no deadlines or expirations. Confidence in something that will never go bad, spoil, or be unreliable. Feelings about not being stupid or goofy if you want to experience something anytime you want with confidence.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing beef . In waking life he was experiencing someone telling lies about him being obsessed with a girl that he wasn’t obsessed with. The person lying was making up stories about him as though he were embarrassing himself making over-confident open-ended relationship offers to a woman that he wasn’t at all. The jerky in this case may have symbolized his feelings about the other person lying about him making over-confident open-ended relationship offers.



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  1. Klutz Slobs Ugly Demon

    I tried to be friends with a You Tube user named Jan, but: it just Didn’t work out, no matter how many it’s been or how few it’s been since Me And Her meaning You Tube user Jan, chatted with each other and: I need to make that ok with myself.


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