Instagram dreams meaning

By | April 11, 2019

Instagram dreams meaning


To dream of represents a persistent experience in life where you are seeing exactly what someone else is thinking all the time. Easily understanding a person’s impression of a situation all the time. Persistent attempt to keep someone interested in you. Always understanding exactly what someone else is thinking because it’s being made obvious. Persistently projecting yourself to others in a interesting way with a “picture perfect” story or impression of yourself. Persistently communicating with very interesting manner to someone else.

Negatively, Instagram may reflect jealousy of keeping up with someone who never stops talking about them-self. Feeling that what someone is experiencing is always thought of as being obviously more important or interesting than what other people are experiencing. Feeling that someone is trying too hard to make you understand exactly what they are thinking in an obvious way. Feeling that other people are more interesting than you all the time. Someone else’s impressions or recollections always outweigh yours. Wishful thinking that other people will remain interested in you, your ideas, recollections, or impressions of a situation. Persistently communicating to others in a way that is too personal.

To dream of people following your Instagram account may reflect feelings about an experience where you are persistently trying to make someone else clearly and easily understand your thoughts. Trying to project feelings to others that everything you are noticing is felt to be more important than what other people are noticing. Your impressions or recollections are always felt to be more important. Negatively, this may reflect wishful that people believe you are as interesting as you think you are.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of posting a picture of herself on Instagram and noticing that a boy she liked was impressed with the picture. In waking life she tried hard to impress the boy she liked with an interesting story about herself hoping he would stay interested, but he didn’t. in this case may have reflected her wishful thinking that trying to make the boy she liked interested her with a “picture perfect” story would make him like her.



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