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The letter I in a dream represents the self, independence, standing alone, or even selfishness.

Identification dreams meaning

Identification To dream of a identification represents a need to prove yourself to someone. Proving your worth, skills, or that you deserve something. Proving you are a perfectly qualified person. Example: A man dreamed of being told he needed to show ID before getting access to something. In waking life he needed to pass a… Read More »

Ignition dreams meaning

Ignition To dream of turning on the ignition represents utilization of power to start something new. Making a decision and wanting to start carrying it out. A new direction in life you are beginning. To dream that the ignition is stuck or doesn’t work may represent a lack of preparation. You might not have the… Read More »

Ignored dreams meaning

Ignored To dream of being ignored represents feelings of being overlooked or unimportant. Feeling left out or that someone is not paying enough attention to you or your ideas. Feeling irrelevant. Regretting a change or decision you made that isn’t working in your favor. Feelings about friends, family, or partners neglecting your feelings. Feelings about… Read More »

Iguana dreams meaning

Iguana To dream of an iguana represents your fear of someone who makes you feel that you aren’t important. Fear that you have to put someone else’s needs before your own or face serious consequences. Fearing having no escape from someone dominating or intimidating. Fearing never being let go. Alternatively, a pet iguana in a… Read More »

Illegal dreams meaning

Illegal To dream of something being illegal represents feelings about behavior or situations being forbidden, unacceptable, dangerous, or frowned upon by others. Feeling guilty having to cheat, be dishonest, or do something wrong behind someone’s back. Breaking the rules in some way. Feeling that you are risking getting into trouble or angering someone. Issues with… Read More »

Illness dreams meaning

Illness To dream of having an illness represents preoccupation with problems or unpleasant changes. A loss in confidence in yourself. Despair, emotional breakdown, or difficulty coping. An uneasy feeling about a situation. Feeling that a current situation is not worth living or ruining your happiness. To dream of a disease or terminal illness represents feelings… Read More »

Illuminati dreams meaning

Illuminati To dream of the Illuminati represents a negative all controlling force in your life. Someone you feel wants you to fail while controlling everything you do. Feeling about an unseen force having total power over you. Manipulative pervasive power. Feeling that you can’t stop someone or something from totally controlling your life. Feelings about… Read More »

Immigration dreams meaning

Immigration To dream of immigration or immigrating represents a choice to change your mindset on an issue. It may also reflect your belief that changing your attitude or ideas will be more beneficial for you. Feeling that you will have more success or progress if you leave old beliefs, lifestyles, or habits behind.  

Immigration Department dreams meaning

Immigration Department To dream of the immigration department may reflect feelings about needing permission to make a significant change. It may also reflect feelings of needing to stay out of trouble or prove yourself in order to maintain your increased level of freedom. Feeling that if you don’t show enough respect you will lose your… Read More »

Immortal dreams meaning

Immortal To dream of being immortal represents feelings about never having to lose or be witnessed losing. Positively, it may reflect feelings of permanent supremacy over competitive or opposition. Situations where you or someone else feels all powerful. A reputation for winning that can never be outdone. Achievements that seem impossible to outdo. Negatively, it… Read More »