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The letter I in a dream represents the self, independence, standing alone, or even selfishness.

Ibizan Hound dreams meaning

Ibizan Hound To dream of a Ibizan Hound represents emotional protection that is preoccupied with never doing anything wrong or never screwing up. Helping yourself or sparing yourself trouble by never upsetting someone else. Negatively, an may be a sign that you are too concerned with keeping others happy to the point where it’s effecting… Read More »

Ice dreams meaning

Ice To dream of ice represents an area of your life that is “frozen” or still. It can also represent problems you can’t do anything about or that have been left unsolved. Issues or problems that are “frozen.” A situation coming to a standstill. Ice may also reflect concerns or fear about “slipping up” in… Read More »

Ice Cream dreams meaning

Ice Cream To dream of ice cream represents comforting yourself or habits you have to cheer up from bad situation. Something you are doing to make yourself feel better about something negative that has happened to you. How you choose to comfort yourself during a difficult situation or disappointment. How you emotionally deal with something… Read More »

Ice Cream Sundae dreams meaning

Ice Cream Sundae To dream of an ice cream sundae represents comfort you feel from know something difficult or dangerous is over with. Feeling good knowing you don’t have to take any more risks. Alternatively, dreaming about an ice cream sundae may represents enjoyment from comforting social gatherings. Enjoying discussing some area of your life… Read More »

Ice Cream Sandwich dreams meaning

Ice Cream Sandwich To dream of a ice cream sandwich represents feelings that being comfortable or taken care of is mandatory. Not caring about anyone else’s feelings in order to feel better about yourself. Treating yourself during a bad time or crisis to order to keep feel comforted. Feeling comforted in knowing that you did… Read More »

Ice Cream Truck dreams meaning

Ice Cream Truck To dream of an ice cream truck represents a person or situation that feels good dropping everything for. Making yourself feel good about negativity or a negative situation a top priority. Example: A woman dreamed of getting ice cream from an ice cream truck. In waking life she liked discussing her dreams… Read More »

Ice Cubes dreams meaning

Ice Cubes To dream of ice cubes used in drinks represents issues that increase your comfort level in some area of your life. It may also reflect an enticement or incentive to think or behave in a certain way. To see dream of melting represents enticements or incentives that are ending. Something that motivates you… Read More »

Ice Pick dreams meaning

Ice Pick To dream of an ice pick represents hostility towards people or situations that you feel intentionally choose to never let you even begin to confront them. A wish to “chip away” at a problem. Wanting to face problems that are “frozen” or that never change at all in small increments. A wish to… Read More »

Ice Sculpture dreams meaning

Ice Sculpture To dream of an ice sculpture represents something beautiful or incredible in your life that scares you that it ever go away. Alternatively, an ice sculpture may reflect anxiety about being unable to stop something good in your life from slowly going away. Not liking to have to notice something good in your… Read More »

Ice Skating dreams meaning

Ice Skating To dream of ice skating represents confidence about issues that you don’t feel the need to do anything about. Feeling good noticing that a situation is permanently not going to change. Feel good believing that a problem will never matter or embarrass you. Playing or having enjoyment with the frozen status of a… Read More »

Ice Skating Rink dreams meaning

Ice Skating Rink To dream of an ice skating rink represents feelings about having a prolonged moment of enjoyment with some area of your life that is stuck or inactive. Enjoying time off work or not having to fix nagging problem. Enjoying a moment that is “frozen” in time or where progress is not possible.… Read More »

Iceberg dreams meaning

Iceberg To dream of an iceberg represents larger or more significant unconscious issues and unresolved problems. Powerful deep rooted unconscious influences, or uncertainties that you have completely forgotten or ignored. Larger problems you can’t do anything about. Icebergs reflect a need to carefully handle a situation and point to problems that are too big to… Read More »