Husky Dogs dreams meaning

By | April 10, 2019

Husky Dogs dreams meaning

Husky Dogs

To dream of a husky dog represents emotional protection that is focused on always over-prepared to deal with how terrible or unfair a situation is. Keeping yourself confident by being ready to deal with the worst possible outcome.

Positively, you may be protecting yourself emotionally by intelligently never allowing stupid ideas or suggestions to relax to influence you when you feel it’s dangerous. Being noticeably prepared for whatever difficulties may arise.

Negatively, a husky represents emotional protection that is focused on never listening to anyone else. Keeping yourself confident believing that other people’s ideas, criticism, or call for change is not important to listen to. Doing only what you have to do and nothing else. A sign that you may have anxiety about a potential failure or loss that is making lowering your guard difficult to do. Being too prepared for trouble.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a husky dog turn into glass and shatter when a wave of water hit the dog. In waking life she was experiencing a high level of anxiety about a long term project that took her years to build failing at the last minute. She was feeling the need to be extra alert to save her project.



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  1. Lou

    I had a dream last night that i owned a Siberian husky for quite a while. Felt like it was a life time..I loved him but for some weird reason, I never had a lead for him so my cousin took me and my dog to the store to buy one but before I went in, she told me they’re quite expense around $100. Does this mean anything?


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