Hotel dreams meaning

By | April 13, 2019

Hotel dreams meaning


To see a hotel in your dream represents your mindset being focused on having things done for you. It may also reflect your wish to always have something easy. Positively, a hotel points to automation or “smooth sailing.” Feeling helped, supported, or encouraged. Supporting others through difficulties or helping someone by doing everything for them.

Negatively, a hotel reflects using people or laziness. A sign that hard work, discipline, respect for others or adherence to principles are not a priority. Slacking off or letting other people do all your work for you. Alternatively, it may reflect your tendency to support others too much. Catering to someone else’s every need in a manner that is excessive or doesn’t allow them to learn to deal with their own problems. Feeling that someone is asking too much of you. Being used sexually and then discarded.

To dream of a hotel on the beach may reflect your feelings about being financially broke or experiencing a difficult problem that requires you to allow friends or family to take care of you. Students or people with financial problems that require them to return home may dream of hotels on the beach.

Example: A man dreamed of being in the basement of a hotel. In waking life he was having second thoughts about tricking the government into give him a bigger refund after they scared him by questioning his tax return. The hotel basement represented the fear he was experiencing while trying to get easy money.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a hotel. In waking life he was being shown how to use a complicated computer system by a friend so that he would understand every single thing required to run the computer perfectly. The hotel may have reflected his feelings about his need to learn about the computer being perfectly catered to.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in a luxurious hotel. In waking life she was getting an unusually high amount of love and support from her friends.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a hotel. In waking life she was becoming irritated by her son and husband using her to take care of them nonstop.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being in a hotel where people were rude to him. In waking life he was a regular user of a very helpful internet message forum and felt that some others users were being very rude to him.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of being unable to lock a hotel door. In waking life she had been spending a lot of time with relatives in their homes and felt they were very disrespectful to her while she stayed with them. She felt she wasn’t given any privacy or family support while staying in their home. She was having issues demanding respect or standing up for herself because she felt lucky to be staying in someone else’s home.



3 thoughts on “Hotel dreams meaning

  1. Darla

    I had a dream I was on the beach and I found a hotel with my mom, sister, and I. Then, we found a hotel and hid in it. we didn’t buy a room or anything we just hid in it. Then the owner came in and pulled us out, but she looked like Christine Agulara.

  2. Nightmare-rex

    i read that hotel quality refledcts the meaning. but i been having meany dreams some of them luxarius some of them crappy, even some haphazardly luxarius and crappy dependin gon floor same price weather assigned ghettho or expensive room. there is ofton an arcade in the hotel which a friend usaly gives me coins to lay the games. wirdest machine is a pinball puck machine that never seen exist anywhere else.

    the oddes tthing that i i note is constantl;y want to use the pool and alasy some excuse as why cannot from matence to kids only swim girls only swim to the last dream which let you stay “indefinatly” aslon gas did ntot “leave” if left had to pay again had to pay at 10AM for room and if left at 11AM woujld have to pa yagain. reason this tme was being invited to a house to be fed to a monster (dream nightmare dream combo) then arrvied back at 11.30 spent rest dream trying to sneak past the securetery, this htel in this dream was nice and rustic and had the arcade in it.


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