Hose dreams meaning

By | April 13, 2019

Hose dreams meaning


To dream of a hose represents a conscious direction of energy. Total devotion to a problem or issue. Not caring about anything except a particular issue. Totally focused on something you are responsible for. A sign that something may have gotten out of control or is threatening to. Streamlining decisions or your focus. Negatively, a hose may reflect obsessions or distractions.

To dream of a garden represents issues you are totally devoted to in a confident or casual manner. You are totally focused on an issue without feeling it’s too serious. It may reflect non-threatening obligations or responsibilities.

To see hooked up to something negative or evil represents negative thinking patterns or situations that may be worsening or getting out of hand.

To dream of a fire represents a total devotion to confronting problems, or fixing a situation that may have gotten out of hand.



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