Horror dreams meaning

By | April 14, 2019

Horror dreams meaning


To dream of experiencing horror represents feelings about fears in your waking life being realized. Fearing that your fears will become realized. Experiencing terrible failure or dramatic unwanted changes. Experiencing very big mistakes causing serious problems. Fearing enormous life changes. Shock or disbelief about how terrible something you heard about was. Overly sensitive feelings about something bad that happened to someone else. Fear of your worst fear coming true. Feelings about a problem getting out of control.

Positively, a horror scene in a dream may reflect powerful positive changes you have experienced due to overcoming a dangerous situation or powerful fear. Experiencing the powerful consequences of having stood up for yourself in a very big way.

Dreaming of horrific scenery without fear may reflect your numbness and indifference to a bad situation.

Example: A person dreamed of seeing a horrific scene with a cat being murdered. In waking life they had become very emotional and sensitive about a murder they read about in the newspaper.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing feelings of horror while seeing her fiance and her daughter bathing together. In waking life she was paranoid about her daughter being sexually abused by the fiance. The dreamer has been sexually abused when she was younger and although she didn’t truly believe her fiance would sexually abuse the daughter she still felt paranoid about it due to her own sexual abuse trauma.



3 thoughts on “Horror dreams meaning

  1. prashant kumar

    i am very tired of every day seen very hard horrar dreams
    and my heat feel always horror and i am very feareding
    now a day oh his dreams
    please tell me selution
    i think i caught in horrar dreams
    i want leave it always
    so please tell me selution

    1. way shower

      bro i know dreams r hard to keep on….but just switch on light be the one powerfull life is nothing but just senses try your best out of it…i even see horror dreams every month but now i just dont care n i fight with the thing which comes on that a negative energy which comes in a dream is coward and now i just dont see them much…try this might help


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