Hometown dreams meaning

By | April 14, 2019

Hometown dreams meaning


To dream of your hometown represents feelings of familiarity or returning to your beginnings. Enjoying experiencing yourself being remembered by someone from your past. Remembering what your life was like before you moved on to bigger things. Remembering or acknowledging your roots. Situations where you feel you are always welcomed or belonging.

Negatively, a hometown may reflect feelings about having to remember unpleasantness or bitter relationships you’ve moved on. Feelings of familiarity that you don’t like. Having to be remembered by people you don’t want to be remembered by. Feelings of fear or embarrassment that you proved yourself to be a failure to people that remember you.

Example: A elderly woman near death had recurring dreams of getting ready to visit her . In waking life she died a few months after these dreams. The hometown scenery may have reflected her thoughts about returning to heaven where she felt she would meet all kinds of familiar people from her past that already died.



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