Holy Water dreams meaning

By | April 14, 2019

Holy Water dreams meaning

Holy Water

To dream of holy water represents thoughts, habits, or life situations that are totally redeeming, perfectly positive, or completely rid you of problems and negative situations. A redeeming action or quality that is unquestionable.

Negatively, holy water may reflect too much faith that something will instantly fix your problems.

To dream of you don’t trust represents your suspicions about promises or claims about something being a perfect solution, or that is totally redeeming.

Example: A deeply religious woman dreamed that she wasn’t allowed to use to heal herself. In waking life she was dealing with serious family issues with the possibility of her children being taken away from her. She felt that God was ignoring her praying for her problems to go away.



4 thoughts on “Holy Water dreams meaning

  1. Xyz..

    Early morning at 5am or 6am I got a dream that I was climbing a big rock and saw a old temple where small cage is their and outside their were plenty of red chunnaris tied and a trishul was also tied with red chunari a man is telling go go take theertham means ( Holy water) a lady is holding a bowl full of holy water and giving me to drink telling you are looking very tied and suddenly my husband wakes me for tea.

  2. John A

    What does it mean if you see your blessed (water container holy water) been poured out on the ground by someone you love and you see yourself upset in the dream because of that

  3. rene

    I dreamt that the priest sprinkling me holy water while i am taking the holy communion.. what a peaceful feeling ive felt how i wish that dream never ended.

    1. Ev

      I dreamt that my father was holding a glass cup with a gold cross on it, he was throwing holy water behind me while I was facing him asking him why he’s doing that. He just replied saying “don’t worry, don’t look back” I wonder what that can mean


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