Hold dreams meaning

By | April 14, 2019

Hold dreams meaning


To dream of holding an object in your hands represents feelings about having an answer to a problem. It may also reflect feelings about actions or behaviors you are considering. An idea you are acknowledging or studying. Negatively, holding something may reflect blame or guilt you accept responsibility for. Dangerous choices you are considering.

To dream of holding a snake represents feeling about the ability to cause permanent failure to others. Feeling that you have the ability to cause permanent failure to yourself if you are not careful. Feeling that a very dangerous choice that can cause total failure is within your abilities.

To dream of holding a weapon represents awareness of yourself having the ability to protect yourself. The ability to make a powerful choice that may create conflict or cause failure. The power to make a dramatic change. Feelings about defending yourself or attempting to maintain integrity against adversity. Negatively, holding a weapon may reflect the potential to make a dangerous choice, hurt someone, or dramatic change. Over-sensitivity about needing to defend yourself.

To dream of holding a coin represents feelings about having an insight that you feel will solve a problem. Feeling impressed with a new idea or new solution to a problem you’ve discovered. Wasting time with new ideas that won’t solve your real problems.



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