Hitler dreams meaning

By | April 14, 2019

Hitler dreams meaning


To dream of Adolf Hitler represents you or someone else that is terrifying other people that nothing can stop them. Fear that someone will never stop. Obsession with total power. Oppression, manipulation, and absolute control. Dehumanizing behavior. People in your life that you feel are arrogant about being perfect.

In waking life these recurring dreams coincided with visits from her sister whom she felt was very critical, controlling, and self-centered.



2 thoughts on “Hitler dreams meaning

  1. kidthahadaweirddreamabouthitler

    Ok I had a dream that Hitler was hunting me (I’m talking bow and arrows and shit). He had soldiers chasing me out of my house and when I tried running I was very slow. The dream “ended ” with him choking me by my neck. I quoted “ended” because when that dream ended another started.

    1. Anthony

      I had a dream of me seeing Hitler in my class, And I was in shock (Not in the scared shock way, But in the “:O WOAHHHH” way.). Suddenly Hitler was gone, So I looked around the classroom and didn’t see him. Then one of my friends came up to me and said, “Hey Anthony, Hitler is on the floor.” My heart sank and I asked, “Where??!” They should me where he was and there he was.. Laying there on the floor. I, For some reason, Felt deep sorry for Hitler, And started to cry, Like If I lost a family member. I told my friends to help me pick him up, They did and we rushed him to the office which was quite far. As we were running I was crying and crying and I kept telling Hitler, “Please wake up, Please dont die” I felt very emotionally weak and exhausted so I could barely walk and keep up the pace. We made it to the office, We brought him to the Nurses room and I told them what happened. They just looked at me saying nothing yet. I looked at Hitler and he was a doll now. A big Hitler Sized Doll in his Uniform. And it ended there.


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