Hiking dreams meaning

By | April 14, 2019

Hill dreams meaning


To dream of hiking represents slow tough progress and achievement. Perseverance and a strong will as you deal with a problem or uncertain conditions. A long project that will take time to finish. A ‘long haul” situation. A difficult protracted situation. A long challenge that doesn’t scare you. Negatively, hiking in a dream reflect feelings about choosing to endure a longer more difficult option than you need to.

Alternatively, hiking in a dream may reflect your enjoyment or preference for a situation to be longer more difficult situation. Feeling good that a situation is never challenging enough. Confidence that something difficult and time consuming doesn’t matter.

People who are spending a lot of time looking for a new home often dream of hiking. This may reflect their confidence getting a new place to life after long time of enduring a painstaking process of visiting homes and filing rental applications.

Example: A woman dreamed of  a mountain. In waking life he was was trying her hardest to endure a long protracted lawsuit.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of under very difficult conditions. In waking life both his parents had committed suicide and he was trying his hardest to get through the funerals and move on with his life.



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