High School Reunion dreams meaning

By | April 15, 2019

High School Reunion dreams meaning

High School Reunion

To dream of a high school reunion represents remembering of old conflicts, challenges, or power struggles. Revisiting old issues or how things used to be in relationships. Open discussion about who is luckier.

Positively, a high school reunion may reflect feelings of being luckier than other people you know.

Negatively, a high school reunion represents feelings of rivalry, jealousy, or rubbing achievements in others faces. You or others that are openly discussing being better than other people. Difficulty letting go of the past. Resurfacing tensions. Bitterness. Open discussions you may be having with others about who is more deserving or respectable.

Alternatively, a high school union may reflect competitiveness or old quarrels between friends or family that are resurfacing. Noticing that others are petty or can’t get over something that happened in the past. Comparisons of social status or achievements.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at . In waking life she was witnessing family members arguing about conflicts that started years earlier. The reunion reflected the experience of watching her family struggle to let go of old rivalries.



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