Hieroglyphics dreams meaning

By | April 15, 2019

Hieroglyphics dreams meaning


To dream of Egyptian hieroglyphics represents feelings about a situation being interesting, but foreign. Meaning or purpose that is beyond your grasp. Feelings about an interesting situation sending you signals that there is purpose or fate that you don’t fully understand. An interest in finding meaning or purpose that never materializes in your life.

Negatively, Egyptian hieroglyphics may represent too much desire for someone that is impossible to have a real relationship with. An nonobjective wish to get to know someone foreign that may be unrealistic. Too much interest in something you can never do anything about. Too much interest in finding meaning or purpose that never materializes. Hopeless fascination. Reading in to the something that isn’t happening.

Example: A young man dreamed of reading . In waking life he had met a girl online living in another country. He really liked her and kept hoping their chance online meaning had purpose or fate. The hieroglyphics represented his hopeless fascination with believing that the relationship was going somewhere when it was impossible.



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