Hearse dreams meaning

By | April 16, 2019

Hearse dreams meaning


To dream of a hearse funeral car represents feelings about decision-making or management of a situation that involves settling a failure. Settling a serious change. Respectfully managing someone else’s failure. Involvement in a situation that requires helping someone move on from a failure or serious change. You are dealing with some kind of unfinished business.

Negatively, dreaming about a hearse may reflect feelings about delays you are experiencing while managing failure or unwanted changes. Feeling that your involvement in a situation revolves too much around dealing with failures and changes instead of on starting something new. Feeling unable to get a break from current responsibilities because you are heavily involved in a closure process.

Alternatively, dreaming about may reflect situations where you or someone else is making an obvious display to others about being heavily involved in a situation with pending closure.

A hearse car in a dream might in some cases reflect a person’s frustration or unhappiness with dealing with a real life death.



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