Headlines dreams meaning

By | April 15, 2019

Headlines dreams meaning


To dream of a headline represents information or insight that takes priority. New facts that someone is informing you with take precedence in situation. A new development may have arisen that is making you feel that “dropping everything” for it might be a good idea. Feeling that nothing else matters as much. Feelings about your actions being discussed by a lot of people you know.

Negatively, headlines may reflect feelings about being embarrassed in a highly noticeable way. News, gossip, or misconceptions about you are being made public. Thinking too much about what other people will say about you if you commit suicide or do something dangerous. Feeling that you reputation is being ruined. Alternatively, headlines may reflect an arrogant or narcissistic attitude about your actions being the focus of other people’s discussions. A sign that you are giving fears too much power or allowing the drama of a situation to obstruct your objectivity.

Example: A young man dreamed of being discussed in the newspaper headlines. In waking life he was suicidal and thinking about how everyone he knew was going to be talking about him if he did commit suicide.



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