Hammock dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Hammock dreams meaning


To dream of a hammock represents a leisurely or carefree attitude with a situation. You may be totally satisfied that everything is in order. It may reflect feelings that all hard work or difficulties are over. You don’t feel the need to do anything else.

Positively, a hammock may reflect a well deserved break or feeling as though all hard work is behind you. Negatively, a hammock may reflect too much pleasure and leisure.

Negatively, a hammock may reflect wishful thinking about enjoying yourself escaping problems that you are not confident enough to act on. Enjoying daydreaming too much over taking realistic action.

To dream of falling out of a hammock represents a realization that more work or effort is required. A wake up call that there is still more to be done before you can enjoy yourself.

Example: A woman once dreamed of continually falling out of that she was in with her fiance. In real life she kept feeling that her fiance wasn’t doing enough to prepare for the wedding reducing her level of certainty that everything was in order.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in paradise with man in . In waking life she in a terribly unhappy marriage, considering leaving it, but too afraid too do anything about it. The scenery reflect her daydreaming about a better life away from her current husband that she was too afraid to realistically pursue.



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