Guns dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Guns dreams meaning


To dream of a gun represents will power or the power to control decisions. Whoever holds the gun in a dream reflects what personality traits or situations are control your decision making. If you hold the gun in a dream it reflects your will power or interest in making a choice.

If you shoot someone with a gun it symbolizes a decision. Shooting a bad person may reflect overcoming negative thinking patterns by believing in yourself or doing the right thing. Shooting a good person may reflect surrendering to negative emotions or thinking patterns. It may also reflect choosing to be bad or immoral.

To dream of being shot with a gun represents a decision that has failed or embarrassed you. A bad choice you’ve made that has made a situation turn on you. It may also reflect someone else that you feel is intentionally making the decision to fail you, embarrass you, or get back at you. Feeling that someone else’s decision has caused you a lot pain or loss.

Bad people with guns represent negative personality traits that control your decision making (e.g. fears, guilt, or dishonesty). It may also reflect a bad situation that you fear could get out of control. A person or situation that you feel has power or control over you. An inner bully that operating like an inner bully. Good people with guns are positive personality traits that are effecting your decisions (e.g. courage, confidence, honesty). Good judgment.

To dream of gun that doesn’t work or jams up symbolizes a lack of will, courage, or power to carry out a decision. You don’t have what it takes to resist a problem or make an important decision.

To dream of loading a gun represents preparation to make a decision or exact power on someone. It may also reflect you believing in yourself before confronting a problem. To see someone else loading a gun may reflect some aspect of yourself or a situation that is becoming resistant.

To dream of accidentally shooting yourself with a gun represents screwing yourself in life in some way with a significant oversight. Not being careful or responsible enough with the power your hold. To dream of shooting yourself with a gun on purpose represents self-imposed failure. Choosing to lose with a significant choice.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing someone point a gun at a man. In waking life she was having an heated debate with someone that she felt could explode with anger at her if she wasn’t careful. The gun reflected the decision to explode with anger that held power over her.

Example 2: A boy dreamed of seeing men pointing a gun at him. In waking life he felt his teacher was singling him out for embarrassment.



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  1. Kesh

    I just had a dream about my old school friend being mad at me for dating a guy I did not know she liked and it became intense once she started to put her finger in my face but my strength held her hand down and a lot of people gathered around that were familiar faces trying to get us to work it out and we did I guess cause she gave me her last chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ so after that was over I left up the stairs into another building where i noticed a man trying to pick up something and i helped. Then as I was waiting to get on an elevator (it looked like a corporate business and it had a lot of people) a man rushes out the other elevator and shoots in the air and told everyone to move on the side and then other shooter exposed themselves handling other hostages. The guy that held me and the others looked crazy and started just shooting some of the hostages and as he got close to me I pretended I had already gotten shot and he continued to shoot these strangers I didn’t know until he caught me looking and we made eye contact and I spit on him thinking I was about to die but something distracted him and I charged towards him got his gun and killed him and then I shot and killed the two other shooters like I was tomb raider lol. Then I shot the glass window and told the hostages to come on. Then I was outside and a women on a motorcycle pulled up already shot and I woke up haha.


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