Gums dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Gums dreams meaning


To dream of gums inside the mouth represents feelings about a serious consideration of whether you’re a winner or loser. An in-depth consideration of why you are strong or weak. A very close inspection of details that would give insight into whether you are losing vitality in some manner. Sensitivity about why you might be weaker than you originally thought you were.

Insecurity about needing to 100% perfect to be considered a winner by others. Anxiety about someone discovering the secrets you are hiding that will make you look weak or stupid. Fearing of embarrassing personal details being revealed in public or to people you know. Anxiety about a professional telling you that you aren’t as good as you think you are. Powerful anxiety about getting old or less physically attractive. Power anxiety about appearing to lose power in front of other people. Anxiety about an professional humiliating you with their expertise.

To dream of bleeding gums may reflect insecurity about weaknesses that are obvious to you, but aren’t obvious to others yet. Weaknesses or sensitivities that you don’t want to discuss with others. A fear of being laughed at that you are covering up. Embarrassment of having to live with and conceal your weakness.

To dream of scars in the gums may reflect anxiety about having permanent losses to your vitality, strength, or physical appearance.



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