Gummi Bears dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Gummi Bears dreams meaning

Gummi Bears

To dream of a gummi bear represents a happy or “wonderful” feeling about prolonging quality family time or family oriented relationships. Enjoying long conversations about family or a potential marriage.

Negatively, a gummi bear may be a sign that you too enthusiastic about prolonging an unrealistic situation or relationship that you know will inevitably be impossible. Enjoying prolonging family time that others don’t like. Enjoying long discussions about arranged marriage or marriage with people that are unrealistic to have relationships with.

Example: A girl dreamed a green gummi bear. In real life she met a guy she was talking to who lived in another state. The gummi bear may have represented how much she enjoyed talking to the guy about a potential arranged marriage for the whole day. She didn’t want to stop.



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