Guinea Pigs dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Guinea Pigs dreams meaning

Guinea Pigs

To dream of a guinea pig represents an aspect of yourself that does everything for someone else. It may also reflect your need to be completely responsible and attentive for someone else’s needs. Looking after someone that is not intelligent enough to look after themselves.

Guinea pig dreams are common to new born mothers who fear leaving their child alone or with someone else.

Negatively, a guinea pig may reflect behavior that is smothering, pampering, or enabling laziness. It may also reflect a fear of not being attentive enough.

Example: A new mother was having nightmares of guinea pigs being sacrificed by a Satanic woman. In waking life she was fearing being a bad mother if she left her new born child with anyone else at all. The guinea pigs reflected her need to do everything for her new born son at all times.


9 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs dreams meaning

  1. Diane Becker

    I dreamt of guinea pigs every where in my garage and all sizes mainly small and tiny and so in my dream I was trying to get rid of them somehow and right before I woke up I was flushing the tiny ones down the toilet …. I’m sad I would never do this in the waking life …. what does this represent ?

    1. Yiyaia

      I dreamt of my mom replacing my guinea pig because he had cancer and i was holding my guinea pig in my dream and crying cause i didnt want to let him go, so i said he had to stay, so he was in a huge cage with other guinea pigs, and birds, then they got out and we were in a huge house and it was messy so we had to go find them, and we did.

      1. Alyssa

        For the past two nights of been dreaming of one of my guinea pigs trying to bite me, I was scared but in both if the dreams she ran around trying to intently bite my hand while screaming. What does this mean??

  2. Summer

    I dreamed of my gini pigs haveing evil bbys n i was out side n deer showed up n ate them

  3. Simon

    Glad I’m not the only one that had a graphic dream of a guinea pig. I was taking care of a guinea pig and before I woke up my Dad literally stabbed him in the back. :/

  4. Susan

    Last night I dreamed I was in someone’s house who had free roaming guinea pigs in their living room. I love guinea pigs, so I was very careful not to step on them and hurt them. Right now I have an ill pet at home. He requires a lot of care and attention. I am doing so much for him so he gets better.

  5. natalia

    2 weeks ago my guinea pig, tyrone, passed away. i keep dreaming about going to a concert with my dad. on our way there, tyrone climbs up the seat next to me. i pick him up and place him on my lap and ask my dad ” oh my god how long has he been in the car??? hes alive!” and he’d always respond with “since your momma took him to the vet” then tyrone would pee on my lap. when tyrone died, he peed on my lap while taking his last breath. im sure it has to do with me feeling guilty about his death, but is there any other hidden messages in this reoccurring dream?

  6. e

    i had a dream i owned a guinea pig and kept him somewhere but i looked everywhere and couldn’t find him anywhere

  7. Alex Easton

    I had a dream that my guinea pig played No 9, centre forward for Manchester United and he scored a hat trick against Chelsea, in the F.A Cup.


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