Guests dreams meaning

By | April 17, 2019

Guests dreams meaning


To dream of having a guest represents feelings about temporarily needing to respect other feelings. Accommodating others needs. Making a situation as comfortable as possible for others. Treating inexperienced people with respect. Giving others special treatment. Feeling good taking care of someone.

Negatively, a dreaming of having a guest may reflect feelings of not being respected for your generosity or high level of understanding. A willingness to help people with their problems who are taking advantage of your good will. Frustrations with children who don’t leave home or support themselves financially. Temporarily situations where you are helping others that are testing your patience. Trying hard to make others feel welcome or supported even though it’s annoying you. Problems speaking up about people who are pushing your limits or “wearing out their welcome.” Accommodating others too much. Issues with speaking up to someone who you have supported beyond reasonable expectations.

To dream of being a guest represents heightened feelings of needing to appreciate or respect someone else. Making extra efforts not to embarrass yourself. Feeling that you need to listen to what people. Feeling that you are not an important person or leader in a situation. Feeling that you are not on “home turf” in a situation. Feelings about getting special treatment.

Negatively, dreaming of being a guest represents a lack of concern or respect for others people’s generosity. Awareness of yourself using someone. Selfish attitude about someone else’s accommodating attitude. Expecting special treatment.



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