Greeting Cards dreams meaning

By | April 18, 2019

Greeting Cards dreams meaning

Greeting Cards

To dream of a greeting card represents a waking life gesture to show other people that you like them or respect them. You or someone else that is going out of their way to prove to others that they care or aren’t mad at them. It may also reflect a strong need to viewed by others as positive.

Negatively, could be a sign that you or someone else cares too much about what others think. It may also reflect a shallow display of concern for someone else’s feelings without really meaning it.

To dream of trying to pick out for someone else represents your attempt to decide how best to show someone else that you care about their feelings. Deciding on a gesture to show your sympathy or concern for their feelings.

Example: A girl dreamed of receiving from a guy at her work. In real life she abruptly cut off a relationship with this guy after a first date and then felt the need to confront him to make sure that he didn’t hate her for it.



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