Grease dreams meaning

By | April 18, 2019

Grease dreams meaning


To dream about grease represents feelings about insuring a situation or relationship is working smoothly. Feeling that you have lost an advantage.

Negatively, grease may reflect bribing people or underhanded behavior to maintain a smooth situation. Sleazy behavior. Feeling that you have lost an advantage and need to resort to dishonest behavior to get it back.

To dream of stain may reflect unpleasant feelings about being unable to stop being reminded of a problem or mistake. Negativity that is difficult to hide or forget. Obvious problems that embarrass you. Anxiety or concerns about appearing messy or like a slob. Embarrassing feelings about yourself being someone who doesn’t listen to good advice.

To dream of food may reflect feelings about an experience being irresponsible, but enjoyable. Feeling good goofing off or not having to listen to authority behind it’s back. Enjoying flaunting to rules, misbehaving, or doing something unconventional.



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