Grave Robbing dreams meaning

By | April 18, 2019

Grave Robbing dreams meaning

Grave Robbing

To dream of grave robbing represents feelings about taking something from a failed situation or relationship so that other people don’t get it. Faking respect for someone after a situation or relationship has ended. Lying to people that you will let something go when in reality you are trying to very hard to get it back. Dishonestly taking something that you feel nobody else cares about ever again. Secretly disrespecting a truce.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing himself with rats around him. In waking life he was experiencing a divorce and felt that he had to steal things from their home because his wife couldn’t be trusted to be fair in the divorce. The grave robbing may have reflected his awareness of himself pretending to respect his wife keeping certain pieces of property with the relationship now over while going behind her back to take them.



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