Grandchildren dreams meaning

By | April 18, 2019

Grandchildren dreams meaning


To dream of grandchild may reflect feelings of being happy for someone else that you don’t want or need to get too personal with. Wanting the best for someone after finishing your responsibilities.

Negatively, dreaming of a grandchild may reflect feelings of being annoyed at needing to get involved with something that you have already been involved with for too long. Feeling that other people are lazy or selfish to keep demanding things from you after you’ve already helped them.

To dream of a grandchild represents feelings about having to make decisions for someone that overrules their own. Feelings that someone is so naive that you need to make choices in their best interest despite their own choices. Saving someone from their own stupidity. Making a difficult choice for someone else that is in their best interest.

Dreams of grandchildren are also common to people who are worrying about their grandchildren too much or frustrated by issues dealing with their grandchildren. Sensitivity about not seeing them as much as you would like to. Feeling cut off from them. Feeling annoyed having to do everything for someone you helped.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling that her grandchildren were in danger. In waking life she was worrying about the safety of her grandchildren too much.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a lion eating her grandchild. In waking life she was scared that her son’s ex-girlfriend was going to break up her family and never allow her to see her grandchild again.



3 thoughts on “Grandchildren dreams meaning

  1. Shon

    I dreamed that my grandsons died no known reason had the funeral he was in a clear casket but he had been dead for awhile as I’m crying he wakes up like nothing happened but dieds again a few hours later

  2. lloyd

    my twin is dead, i had a dream seeing him and two other kids. he asked me if i wont complain about the kids, and all i said was they are my grandchildren so what would happen if i do complain and took them

  3. Shelly

    I keep having dreams of my 6 year old grand daughter missing. Each time we are in a different place. In my dream, I can never find her and wake up with a racing heart and in tears before I can figure out anything.
    The first dream we were at Disney (but it wasn’t really disney) and there was a body of water near. And I kept wondering if she went in the water.
    Another dream we were at a dance class, and I allowed her to go into the building and class with out me. It was crowed when I entered and assumed she was up on the platform with the other girls. After some time I realized she wasn’t there and I couldn’t find her.

    Recently I learned she is going camping, (most likely near water) and now I’m completely paranoid about Her going. I fear my dream will come true. Which I have had dreams that have come true in the past, however nothing life threatening.
    Should I be concerned


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