Government dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

Government dreams meaning


To dream of the government represents established authority in your life that you respect for logical reasons. A person or situation in your life that you feels is always taking control or power whenever it wants to. Someone you feel imposes itself whenever you slip out of it’s control. Feeling that someone else’s power is impossible to overcome. Feeling that others power is always based on policies that make it impossible for you to assert yourself. Parents, teachers, or authority figures that are noticeably in charge.

Feeling that people are so jealously protective of keeping you in a jealous, powerless, or childish state. Feeling that people who have promised power to you always delegate your power away to a second or third person instead of rightfully
allowing you to have power. Frustration that people will power over you will never listen to you or respect you. Feeling that people with power over you are so arrogant they will abuse it to your face. Feeling that people with power over you will always make decisions that never let you have it because they are jealous of the possibility of looking stupid or having roles reversed.

Governments in dreams may also be a sign that you are putting up with too much control in your life and need to stand up for yourself in a manner that is more assertive and daring than ever before. This is especially true if you are experiencing people asserting power over you that have lost any logical purpose to maintain that power other than to enjoy themselves or avoiding diminished status.

To dream of being the government represents you wish to keep total control no matter what or to impose yourself on others whenever you want. A mindset that has been exposed to power for so long that it’s embarrassed to be noticed by others as not having it. A fear of being impotent after experiencing total power. Feelings of being in charge.

Alternatively, dreams about the government are common to people who fear governmental collapse or governments becoming more corrupt. Fear of the Illuminati or New World Order subverting governments.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people protesting against the Greek government. In waking life he was becoming frustrated by his father allowing his aunt to boss him around instead of handing over authority to him during a family crisis. He felt that his father was intentionally keeping him in a childish supportive role during the family crisis because he was too arrogant to tell other adults in the family to respect him.



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