Gout dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

Gout dreams meaning


To dream of gout represents feelings of embarrassment that a problem is hindering or slowing your progress. Feeling uncomfortable about having to look at yourself being forced to stop doing something. Putting up with state of forced passivity or time off. The realization that a problem isn’t going to be easy to solve. Feeling the need to carefully reduce the severity of a strained relationship.

Negatively, gout may reflect embarrassment that you have to stop being a powerful jerk because you went overboard. Feeling that you have embarrassed yourself being too much of a jerk to someone. Feeling that you can’t easily cover-up, brush off, or ignore a problem. Having to show people you care about them with real actions to prove it when you don’t like that at all. Not liking having to slowly and genuinely repair a broken relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a terrible dictator of a country who had gout. In waking life his father had gone way overboard with controlling and deceptive behavior forcing the dreamer to disown his father for a period of time. After a while the father began to feel embarrassed in front of the family by the neglect and began to realize he needed to be more careful with how he treated his son. However, the son believed the change in the father’s behavior wasn’t genuine and was just to reduce the embarrassment the father was feeling.



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