Gossip dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

Gossip dreams meaning


To dream of hearing gossip in a dream represents anxiety or frustrations with rumors negatively effecting your reputation. Concerns or anxiety about being misrepresented. Concerns about people talking about you behind your back. Feelings about people laughing at you behind your back. Frustrations with other people being involved or interested in your private life. Invasion on your privacy. Feelings about unreliable or false information being spread about you. Frustrations with people assuming things about you without speaking to you personally. Concerns about people not trying hard enough to understand who you are really are as a person. Concerns about people assuming negative things about you or talking about being guilty without talking to you first.

Positively, gossip in a dream may reflect feelings about being socially included. Awareness of what all your friends or family are doing.

To dream of yourself gossiping represents your enjoyment of acknowledging why other people aren’t perfect. Enjoying discussing other people embarrassment or personal lives behind their backs. Feeling good thinking someone else is stupid behind their backs. Spreading lies or rumors about someone. Irresponsibly discussing unreliable or unverified information.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a neighbor he didn’t trust that was gossiping to other people. In waking life he was trying the get back together with his ex-girlfriend and had anxiety that his ex-girlfriend would find out information about him that wasn’t true and reject him. The gossiping may have reflected his feelings about rumors or false information preventing a relationship reconciliation.



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