Gladiators dreams meaning

By | April 20, 2019

Gladiators dreams meaning


To dream of a gladiator represents showing off or being watched with superior power failing or embarrassing others. Conquering, defeating, or humiliating others that is intentionally being made a spectacle. A “no mercy” type argument where your or someone else wishes to feel good seeing the competition humiliated. A wish for glory in an conflict that is remembered forever. A wish to make history defeating someone while others watch.

Negatively, a gladiator may reflect you or someone else that can’t stop showing off proving how superior their strength is. Terrifying others by starting fights you know you can’t lose for the sole purpose of showing off. Too much concern for keeping your pride and achieving total humiliating defeat of opposition in an argument. Wanting to enjoy humiliating failure for your enemy or competition.

Alternatively, a gladiator may reflect a big risk being taken to show others you are fearless and powerful. Taking big risks to prove you’re the strongest while others watch.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a life threatening game with gladiators. In waking life she was in an argument with her fiance’s mother in which no mercy was shown. They both tried to humiliate the other in front of the family with harsh criticism and mean honesty.



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