Gifted dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

Gifted dreams meaning


To dream of being gifted represents feelings of being smarter than other people. It may also reflect feelings of being faster or more intuitive than others in a particular area. Something about yourself being noticed as exceptional.

Negatively, being gifted in a dream may reflect feelings of being pressured to appear or perform perfectly than everyone else because people are watching you. It may also reflect uncomfortable feelings about being embarrassed or isolated by your superior talents.

To dream of a gifted child represents feelings about yourself or someone else being noticed for their enormous potential. A new or developing area of your life where you are noticed naturally exceptional. Notable talent that needs help to thrive or develop. Exceptional abilities that are sensitive to negative influences.

To dream of the gifted classroom at school represents a anxiety or a serious mindset about problems where you feel the need to appear smarter than anyone else. Feeling pressured into performing exceptionally. Positively, it may reflect feelings about yourself being noticed as better than others at solving problems.

Negatively, the classroom at school may reflect anxiety or frustration with other people being noticed smarter than you. Not liking thinking you are stupider or less special than someone else. Terrible feelings of not being noticed as special or good enough.



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