Ghetto dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

Ghetto dreams meaning


To dream of the ghetto represents failure or impotence that is dangerously neglected. A situation that feels destitute. Powerlessness or ignorance that you or others feel is too dangerous to deal with. A situation that has gotten so bad that nobody cares about doing anything about it.

Accepting failure or mediocrity as though it were normal. Feelings of lacking support or opportunities. Having no resources or power while being surrounded by people that don’t care about making change at all.

Negatively, the ghetto may be a sign that you are preferring to live with failure or mediocrity all the time. Embracing your failure or bad influences like they are a good thing. It may also reflect feeling surrounded by other weaker people’s jealousy or arrogance that never lets you get ahead first. Turning your back on hope or change for good. Putting up with ignorance all the time.



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  1. Jean

    This post helped so much. Since before rebirth eye have dreamed that dream of being in the ghetto. Eye am waking up, luxury living, here I am


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