George Washington dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

George Washington dreams meaning

George Washington

To dream of George Washington represents feelings about establishing freedom under dangerous circumstances. Taking a chance to maintain, establish, or secure a free state of mind. Risks taken to defend freedom or abandon tyranny. Feeling that it’s important to stand up to fear at all costs when the future is uncertain. Feeling that someone is angry with you keeping your freedom or independence. Taking a big chance to do something new in your life that will allow you to become more free and independent.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the face of George Washington. In waking life he was very unhappy running an illegal business that he felt trapped running. He ended up taking a very big chance to start running a more honest business that required years of work, but would allow him to be free from his illegal business. He chose to stay honest no matter what to avoid be drawn back into the emotional prison of his illegal business even it meant risking significant losses and humiliation. He wanted freedom from his own illegal life more than anything and would do anything to protect his chances of achieving it.



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