Genocide dreams meaning

By | April 19, 2019

Genocide dreams meaning


To dream of genocide represents frustration with people or situations that never want to think the same way as you. Permanent measures to prevent opposition or an obstacle from getting in your way ever again. Wanting to give yourself complete freedom to think the way you want to.

Positively, may represent big steps you are taking to permanently stop competing ideas. Never wanting to care about jealousy or a threat ever again.

Negatively, may represent your fear of other people’s different ideas or goals. Powerful jealousy that forces you to take drastic measures. Going too far to eradicate your competition or alternative ideas.



3 thoughts on “Genocide dreams meaning

  1. Ryder L

    The dream started in a chinese restaurant and I was sitting across from a small and quiet asian man dressed formally in black. I asked what he was having and he said Lo Mein. I was then in a car at the car wash with people I’ve never seen before, they were my friends either way. I was in the driver seat and I turned around and commented that there is no better way to kill my friends then in a car wash. I whipped out a Uzi and one bullet to each of their heads, blood everywhere. I was next in a driveway, no story this time, just a bunch of people. I pulled a short range shotgun out of nowhere and started killing everyone I could see. A few got away and heard sirens. Next I was in my own garage with the same friends as last time playing with a very strong nerf gun, I then said “what if I try a real gun” and the other guy said what like he was scared. I took out a even better shotgun and shot them from where I stood. A tall and skinny long haired blonde teen boy stood next to me laughing. I kept Facing forward and asked what’s so funny. He said he will not care if he is shot, so I whipped around and shot him in the head, and watched his pale corpse bleed out

    1. Chris

      Um. Does this article mean having dreams about PERFORMING genocide? I looked this up cause i had a terrible dream about witnessing it. I think a person’s assumption as to what a “dream about genocide” means, apparently says a lot about them. Sheesh.

      1. BD

        Nust be two sides of the same coin. My dream was about witnessing genocide as well started at a school. Disturbing except that complete strangers coming together risking their lives to help others.


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