Gazebo dreams meaning

By | April 20, 2019

Gazebo dreams meaning


To dream of a gazebo represents feelings of being content with your life. Happiness with your life the way it is. A situation that feels lovely, family oriented, safe, or comfortable waiting. Enjoying a situation that is free from conflict or anger. Feeling like a genius who can’t lose while you wait for your plans to unfold. A situation that noticeably without jealousy. A situation that feels intentionally warn, welcoming, or without worry.

Negatively, a gazebo may be a sign that you too content with an unusual circumstance. Feeling good compromising or being happy with an alternative choice. Being content doing what is not normal for you. A perspective on life or a situation that is safe or satisfying, but not considered normal. Enjoying the power to confidently and patiently wait someone out of whom you are intentionally making jealous.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting inside a gazebo in a beautiful paradise setting. In waking life life he was enjoying himself waiting for someone who had ripped him off for $200,000 to fall into a trap that was going to force the repayment of the money. The gazebo in this case may have reflected his relaxed attitude about enjoying waiting for the person to fall into his trap while he felt like genius who couldn’t lose.



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