Gates Of Hell dreams meaning

By | April 21, 2019

Gates Of Hell dreams meaning

Gates Of Hell

To dream of the gates of hell symbolizes impending suffering and unpleasantness. You may be flirting with trouble, or feel that a unpleasant situation is close a hand.

Negatively, you may feel that you intentionally choosing to experience an unbearably unpleasant situation in order to confront a problem. A choice that is before you that may involve walking away from happiness for a very long time. The choice about whether or not you want to enter yourself into a terrible situation.



4 thoughts on “Gates Of Hell dreams meaning

  1. Anonymous

    I once dreamed of walking through a small yard with a high wooden fence surrounding the yard. Walking around I met people, who reminded me of cheap looking low budget movie costumes and props, who were inviting me to hang out with them. As I walked around I was suddenly stopped by a couple small dogs that that suddenly grew much taller than me.

    They moved back and let me pass. I stopped at a wooden gate with an old chain with an odd looking pad lock like I’ve never seen. I looked above the gates and saw dark clouds with lightning strikes and rumbling thunder. A light to my right caught my attention. I went in that direction and woke up before going blind from the brightness.

    I sat up in my bed in a pool of sweat. Looking at my alarm clock I noticed that 5 minutes had passed since I lied down to sleep. Ten years later I still remember the details of a one of a kind dream!

  2. michelle

    my dream was about i was at a party then a man was there and out of no where he shot himself and he shot other people and then me and this girl went to the bathroom and she called the police and then she left idk where she went but she left then i went back into the same room and saw the man standing there and he shot me and then he dragged me into something and we were standing in front of these gates but the thing was i felt so much pain on my body my body was like burning and the deeper we went inside the worst the pain was then i saw so much fire and i heard screaming all around, it was horrible and my body started to burn even more and i screamed to the man “nooo i don’t want to die let me go” and i repeated that then i just woke up.

  3. Angel

    For 4 nights straight , I’ve been dreaming about seeing myself inside a coffin , and last night I also dream about seeing a black high gate with some sculptures and some uncommon letters painted in it. When the gate opens and I was just standing there , what I saw was people , hundreds of dead people , but they were all showing signs of ‘ suicide ‘ some of them were hanging their heads , some were on the grounds , wrist was cut , some have knives on their stomachs


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