Gardening dreams meaning

By | April 21, 2019

Gardening dreams meaning


To dream of gardening work represents your concern or sensitivity about something positive in your life being noticed as flawless. Not wanting to see anything wrong with something beautiful or wonderful that is happening. It may also reflect your maintenance or polishing of some area of your life.

To dream of planting a flower garden represents a concern or sensitivity about some area of your life being noticed in a positive light. Wanting admiration, respect, praise, or approval. Cultivating a good reputation.

To dream of planting a vegetable garden represents life situations where preparations or actions are being made to sustain you for the long term. If you pull weeds out of a vegetable garden it may reflect maintenance or polishing of some important area of your life that you have neglected for a while.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a freshly planted vegetable garden with baby plants. In waking life he has discovered a new way to make a livelihood after losing everything he had.



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