Garage dreams meaning

By | April 20, 2019

Garage dreams meaning


To dream of a garage represents mental and emotional idleness and inactivity. Things you think that you don’t want to change or have no motivation to do anything about. Something you’ve put off or haven’t bothered to deal with in a very long time.

To dream of looking at a garage or thinking of putting something in the garage may reflect your consideration of putting some area of your life off until a later time. Choosing to be idle or discontinue being active. Alternatively, it may reflect your preparation to stop being idle in some way.

People, animals, or objects in a garage are symbols for what it is you have been idle and inactive about.

Example: A man dreamed of walking with his father into filled with deformed cats. In waking life he had made the decision to undergo therapy to discuss longstanding problems and he began to realize that many of the problems were delusions and self-deceptions he held about himself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing a dangerous bear inside her . In waking life her son had some serious emotional problems that she felt were good idea to simply ignore for the time being hoping they would go away on their own.



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