Gandhi dreams meaning

By | April 20, 2019

Gandhi dreams meaning


To dream of Gandhi may represent an aspect of yourself that inspires you overcome arrogance. Non-violent resistance. Refusing to be vain or show off in your attempt to prove you are right. Feeling good “taking the higher-road.” Confidence in yourself being smarter than someone else for refusing to be aggressive. Listening to advice that tells you to have integrity by being passive. Intelligent advice to be passive to overcome challenges.

Negatively, Gandhi may reflect feeling good with a passive attitude towards overcoming problems that is wasting your time. Refusing to think that an asserting yourself or being aggressive is important when it might be. Thinking of yourself as being smarter than someone else for choosing to refuse fighting them when it may cause you to lose. Listening to weak advice that tells you to patiently wait to overcome someone who is more aggressive than you. Lying to yourself that being passive is better when you are not strong enough to humiliate someone stronger than you. Naively believing in a exceptionally amazing outcome to a problem by thinking you are mature enough to achieve it.

Example: A young girl dreamed of talking to Gandhi. In waking life she was getting advice from her boyfriend about dealing with her arrogant siblings. Her boyfriend told her to ignore the negative attitude of her sisters and focus more on moving out into an apartment with him as a way to get away from her sisters. She was only 15 and not old enough to move out yet. The symbolism of Ghandi in this case may have reflected the dreamer’s infatuation with her boyfriend and her naive enjoyment in listening to her boyfriend speak like an adult regarding moving out as a non-violent means to get away from her mean older sisters when both the dreamer and the boyfriend were too young to seriously move out.



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