Fortune dreams meaning

By | April 22, 2019

Fortune dreams meaning


To dream of making a fortune represents freedom and power to do what you want anytime you want. Something wonderful that it allows you to do it whenever you want. An achievement that pays you long term respect or power. You may have been the best at something for a very long time. It may also reflect strong relationships or friendships that can always been relied on.

To have and squander it may reflect big opportunities that you feel you’ve wasted.

Dreaming of someone from the past that made may reflect your feelings about your youth or important accomplishments from your past.



3 thoughts on “Fortune dreams meaning

  1. Al

    Let me try shorten it.
    I was with a guy I don’t know but it seemed we were planning something he knew about. We then saw 2 huge guys who were out of shape but scary like they were ancient war vets and they went past but somehow I feared them without knowing them. We then traveled to a desert like place where there were old mine shafts and we picked ours were we would look for gold. When we started working one of the ancient war vets suddenly appeared.

    Without a fuss we worked together and suddenly I heard car engines starting outside and at the same time we (my friend n I) found a golden rock n I feared the big guy would rob us and kill us so I went out to enquire the revving cars outside. There were other shafts and the cars were leaving from the shafts in the short distance n big guy shouted hide they will kill you. I hid in panic not knowing if he would kill me for the gold I took. After the fancy cars left we went back into the shift and now it seemed like we were about to go into a fight with the huge guy and another guy I didn’t see before.

    The big guy then transformed into a very muscular figure in fighting attire. The guy I came with stepped back n the big guy said “now I’ll show you who you really are”. He leaped very quick with a kick and it seemed he had disappeared but once I looked at my hands I transformed or was transforming since my arms were getting bigger but I felt nothing. I looked to the side, my friend and the other guy turned into a short, black, big belly, bearded man with a pony tail (I didn’t see them do what just happened to me though but I figured) . and it seemed the fight was beginning.

    Still shocked I leaped for an attack and he blocked my attack. When I looked at him again he was a beautiful woman who said “just relax, you know you want understand this more than anything”. All of a sudden We were both naked and floating in mid air. In an instant I was in her (sexualy), then I woke up at in a panic.

    I have never been this confused. What does it mean. Am I in danger? Can you assist?


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