Forgotten dreams meaning

By | April 22, 2019

Forgotten dreams meaning


To dream of forgetting to do something may reflect feelings of oversights, neglect, or distractions. Lost opportunities. Having let someone down.

To dream of an object being forgotten may represent feelings about some area of your life being abandoned or neglected. The abandoned self. Not caring or tending to something enough. Feeling irresponsible. Feelings of horror or remorse about your neglectful actions or a major oversight. Feelings of sadness or guilt that haunt you for something you didn’t do properly.

Alternatively, forgotten objects in a dream may reflect areas of your life that have long been overlooked, suppressed, or abandoned. An aspect of your personality that feels less dominant than it used to.

To dream of forgetting your baby may reflect feelings about having abandoned or neglected some developing area of your life. Forgetting to be responsible with some sensitive problem. A fledgling project you abandoned.

To dream of forgetting information in a dream often mirrors waking life. It may also problems accepting or adjusting to change. The reality of a situation has not fully “sunk in” yet. Embarrassment that something you’ve done in waking life can’t be easily repeated.

To dream of forgetting your gun may represent feeling of having entered into a situation without leverage or security. Anxiety or embarrassment about not acting as powerful as you expected to.

To dream of forgetting to wear your hat may reflect embarrassment that you look stupid with a different attitude than others expect from you. Feelings of anxiety or embarrassment about lies you’ve told being exposed. Feelings about anxiety about hair loss you are hiding being noticed by others.

To dream of forgetting a child may reflect feelings about yourself being irresponsible in a new or developing situation. Letting someone down you made a promise to. Oversights with new developments. Embarrassment at having neglected something you were trying to make progress with.

People who are having difficulty with relationship breakups may dream of being intimate with their ex and then realizing that forget that are actually broken up in real life. This may reflect their difficulty accepting the break up.

Example: A woman dreamed of forgetting a child that was left alone. In waking life she was worried that she had let down and neglected a child in her work as a social worker.

Example 2: A man dreamed of attending a family reunion and forgetting a member’s name. In waking life he felt embarrassed that he had forgotten the name of an old friend he met.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of kissing her ex-boyfriend and then remembering that they weren’t actually dating anymore. In waking life she was having problems accepting that her relationship with her ex was over.



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