Florida dreams meaning

By | April 23, 2019

Florida dreams meaning


To dream of the US State Florida represents a free state of mind with consequences for not feeling good all the time. Feeling that it’s mandatory to stay upbeat or optimistic. Feeling that it’s important to let people like their life free and fearless without condition. Feeling that it’s mandatory to let children be free and happy.

Negatively, dreaming about Florida may reflect too much freedom to enjoy life being given to people who don’t deserve it. Feeling forced to act happy all the time. Feeling forced to be supportive of others happiness all the time. Feeling held down by people you are protecting from unpleasant realities. Feeling that it’s mandatory to let lazy people enjoy themselves when they don’t help themselves. Too much expectations from others to require deserving happiness with full freedom. Feeling exhausted staying upbeat and optimistic. Anxiety about removing the “sunshine” from someone else when it’s exhausting you or your finances.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in Florida. In waking life she was having problems affording her rent due to her Godson’s unemployment. She felt that if she ever gave up being optimistic about her Godson getting a job while supporting him he might give up looking for one which would cost her more money. Florida in this case may have reflected her feelings about being needing to be supportive of her Godson financially so that he would feel good about himself while unemployed.



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